Game Enders’ Esports Academy to host teams for research

We are excited to announce that we’re taking the next step in our esports research activities. We’ll be opening our game house for esports teams (as soon as Covid-19 restrictions will allow it), free of charge! Guest teams will have access to high-end training equipment with full room and board and will take part in our research activities conducted by Skoltech scientists on dedicated equipment. All research activities are aimed at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of players and their corresponding physical data.

We’ll be harnessing the opinions and experience of as many players as possible to bolster our unique e-sports products. To that end we are accepting teams of various levels, from large esports clubs to newly formed groups that have won qualifications for a major tournament and are looking for a place for a bootcamp. We are also very flexible with the game you compete in – our goal is to unite all esportsmen under one roof and advance the use of data analytics in the fields of esports and gaming.

To apply simply visit and follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT! We draw your attention to the fact that priority will be given to teams who already have experience or who are looking forward to speaking at international and local tournaments when considering teams for accommodation in a game house.