The time is now – AKADO Telecom is going into esports with AKADO Arena 


The time is now – AKADO Telecom is going into esports with AKADO Arena

AKADO Arena was launched by AKADO Telecom with the intent to establish itself as a major player in the Russian esports industry. Based on the Game Enders platform with cooperation with Skoltech, AKADO Arena will allow AKADO’s subscribers to be the first to enjoy the new and exclusive lineup of esports services and content which will be released in the months after the launch. AKADO Telecom is also forging strategic partnerships with leading companies in the field to offer an innovative esports package to its customers.

In the past few years esports has grown from a nascent field to an industry that by 2020, according to a study by Newzoo, will generate $1.5 billion and reach an audience of nearly 600 million viewers worldwide. What began as a hobby for gamers in their bedroom has turned into a fully fledged industry with large scale competitions, leading brand sponsorships, training facilities, and multiple career paths.

AKADO’s move into the field marks a change in the Russian esports landscape which is currently focused on a handful of leading esports disciplines and teams. AKADO Arena is a home for all esports games and players and provides all players with access to advanced services and tools, such as an AI-based training platform, and to monetization channels that will enable them to earn real money.

AKADO celebrated the beginning of this new era during the Streamfest event located in the city of Moscow. Streamfest hosts thousands of streamers and players and allows all participants to test new games, discuss the gaming industry, enjoy show-matches of pro-gamers – and much more.

AKADO Arena @ Streamfest. Both casual and serious gamers were welcome at the AKADO corner to compete and win prizes in the special AKADO Arena tournament.