Monolith Gaming signs Malik and Elian

Good news! Artyom “malik” Arhipov and Aleksey “Elian” Gusev have formally joined the roster of Monolith on CS:GO!
We look forward to a fruitful cooperation with the new members of our team!

Artyom “malik” Arhipov commented: “We signed the contract together with Elian, I know all the guys for a long time, and I wanted to work with them for a long time. The atmosphere is friendly, we will train a lot. At the end of summer or early September, we’ll go to a long bootcamp, where we will persistently train so that at the right time we will show results. “

Aleksey “Elian” Gusev said: “We signed a contract with the organization, the team seems to me promising, and I hope that we will show good results. Now we will train to establish inter-team communication.”

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